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FitFlow Method.


Find your fluidity in movement.


I believe flow not force when it comes to fitness. 


For years, I forced my regimented strict and intense workout schedule that led me into years of eating disorders, exercise addiction, and obsession.

I’m Jennifer Ludington founder of the FitFlow Method and I’m teaching women to thrive in their fitness instead of strive. After years of eating disorders and exercise obsession I now guide women to using their intuition and internal cues that ebb and flow in alignment with our hormones to find their unique combination of nurturing healthful fluid movement that never feels forced and instead only flows. 


Leaning into the flow and Finding the balance with your fitness lends itself to naturally regulating your body weight and energy levels for life. So you can stop spending hours in the gym and more time enjoying your healthiest life. 


Nourishing ourselves to our ideal weight becomes effortless when we learn to lean into the flow of our physiological needs instead of forcing a dogmatic approach to nutrition. 


I teach women to lean into their inner guide and understand that movement and nourishment is about flow and fluidity vs force and rigidity.  I believe we can heal ourselves from the rigidity of the external diet culture noise only when we allow ourselves to truly listen to our own internal wisdom. 

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What others are saying about Jennifer...


"I have always had a deep love for fitness.  I’ve also always  been fit and healthy. But after I started working with Fitlud, it took my fitness to a whole new level and now I am super Duper fit! She has such a great knowledge of fitness and nutrition.  Fitlud truly is the epitome of fitness."

 - Dana Berntson


"I started working with Jennifer on my fitness journey over 12 years ago and I trust her no-nonsense approach to health and fitness. I have limiting factors and I trust her knowledge and expertise to guide my results. She is an expert in the industry and cares about her clients' results." - Lynette Link


"It’s about health! It’s not about another freaking diet that is a temporary fix!  I can personally attest to the passion, dedication and knowledge of this amazing soul! When I was a personal trainer and started competing in Figure Competitions 10 years ago Jennifer was MY first trainer and inspiration. She has been in the industry for many years and is more passionate about health, wellness/well-being, and fitness than ever! She knows her stuff and will get you away from that diet roller coaster! DIETS DONT WORK...and neither does starving yourself!  Please enroll in her program! I can’t say enough good about Jennifer Ludington! If there is anyone’s knowledge I’s HERS! " - Kim M.

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