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✨R•E•F•L•E•C•T•I•O•N✨ .

Yesterday as I was practicing yoga I felt a sense of calmness I haven’t felt since my ex husband and daughter’s father committed suicide two weeks ago. I was gently reminded in class that the one thing we can rely on in our lives is constant change, flux and the knowing that nothing ever stays the same. In all the chaos, confusion and the heart break I was strangely connected to that very moment. There was magic happening in the present. Not the past. Not the future. Not the never ending emotions of worry, guilt, fear and sadness that have moved through me like fluid waves in the ocean over these last few weeks.

✨ In that moment I was connected to the two things that remain the same. The indisputable rhythms that we can come back to again and again to center ourselves, to ground ourselves and that connect us to the essence of who we are. The rise and fall of our breath and the consistent pulse of our heartbeat constantly ebbing and flowing, rising and falling and beating under our chest. . ✨ When you feel like you’re floating away and when you can’t seem to grasp a hold of an anchor you can connect to your heartbeat and your breath and find the stability and the consistency of these two things that have been residing inside of you forever. ✨ This is one of the gifts yoga has given me... this is where my peace resides✌️ Find yours. It’s universally there for all of us.

Tune in.

Observe the peace that resides inside of you, that has always been your anchor, your constant life force and our indisputable sameness that connects us all.

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