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This Road Recovery is uncovering more than I expected.

ACL/Meniscus Surgery Day

I made it through surgery with no complications, but also with a lot of fear. It crept in slowly and in waves. I had a mixture of emotions...ups and downs before I went under anesthesia. I felt highs and lows, grief, loss, and sadness but also an overwhelming feeling of relief that it would be over soon and I would be on my way to recovery. During surgery Dr. Tony learned that my meniscus was wrecked far more than he anticipated so my recovery time will be extended to six weeks on crutches with no weight bearing at all on my leg, and additionally no driving. Talk about surrender....and a true test of my patience (which is not my strong suit)

😳 ••••• The pain is my reminder that I’m not indestructible and that our bodies are so very fragile. Patella tendon bone graphs are the most painful knee surgery option but lend the best long term results for an active lifestyle. I’m so grateful for my loving but very strict husband (AKA Nurse Ratchet), my friends who have reached out, my unbelievable surgeon Dr. Tony and his staff and the most amazing nurses at St. Luke’s in Ketchum I could have ever dreamed up. And I am looking forward to my rehab with Jesse Foster the most amazing Physical Therapist I have ever worked with in my career. Let the healing begin
😊 ••••• Today I am feeling hopeful, tomorrow may be different but I’m ok with that. Embracing the waves of emotions and allowing myself to surrender. •••••• As promised I’m documenting my recovery in hopes that my journey will help others going down similar paths
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— with Sharon Christmas and Jason Williams.

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