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Sunday Vibes: Fit finds, fit tips and tricks.

Fit5: Fun Find

Rebounding-AKA jumping on a mini trampoline.  I don't know about you but trampolines make me feel like a joyful giggly kid again. Who doesn't want that? Yep sign me up!  I was introduced to this by my physical therapist this week as he took me through core drills on a mini trampoline.  I can tell you that this is a fabulous way to burn calories and joyfully move through your fitness journey.  I know I know most of us don't have a trampoline but maybe your neighbor does? Go get on it and have some backyard fun these last few weeks of summer.  Maybe you can recreate some of that playfulness in your fitness ? Try replicating that joyful feeling and add some jumping into your routine?  Try box jumps or set up some obstacles in the back yard to jump over. The point is to add some play this week and reap the rewards of lots of laughs, good endorphins and the power and freedom of movement.

Fit5: Moves

Try this card trick for a fun way to elevate your heart rate and get your blood pumping.

Fit5: Mood Mantra's are part of my daily ritual. Starting your day with a good mindset can shift your energy and put you into a positive space that will dramatically effect the outcome of your day. Get ready for more productivity, more laughs, smiles and abundance. This has been my mantra every day this week I am confident in my decisions. I create my own destiny. I stand strong in the things I say and do. Fit5: Food I am loving this bright and light end of summer salad. I never measure. I generally let my taste buds guide me, and I encourage you to do the same. Get creative and GO. Try this:

1 avocado, roughly chopped 1 cup "ish" chopped tomatoes 1 cucumber, roughly chopped 1 mango, chopped 1/2 red onion, sliced 1 big spoonful cilantro, chopped 1 big spoonful olive oil 1/2 lime, squeezed 1 big spoonful of feta cheese Sea salt and pepper to taste Mix it all up in a big bowl and dive in for a refreshing healthy meal. 

Fit5: JLud Jams My week has been packed full of rehab workouts as well as some fast and furious upper body strength workouts. So my playlist is a reflection of that. Having fresh music is such a great motivator to workout especially when the early morning alarm wakes you up and you know its time for a sweat sesh. Click the spotify icon below to check out my favorite 5 jams of the week.

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