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Striving instead of Thriving?

Tomorrow I have a photo/video shoot. This picture of my wine is the exact opposite of what I used to do the night/week before being photographed. In the other picture I’m striving. Not this time...I intentionally chose to strengthen my spirit and my resolve and resist my usual addiction and obsession to look and appear “Fitness perfect”. I chose NOT to....

✔️Control my nutrition by eating very little and horribly tasting bland food that I would literally force myself to choke down because the food’s sole purpose was to make me lean and tight on camera

✔️Control my water intake so I could easily drop off the night before to further my lean dehydrated “look” ✔️Control my sodium and potassium levels in an unhealthy way to achieve a leaner appearance ✔️Control my workouts to ensure I was pushing myself to the extreme every day (sometimes twice a day) •••••••••••••••••••••••• But this time I changed everything and Instead I chose self care and self acceptance. This time I’m choosing to.... ✔️drink wine ✔️do yoga ✔️eat what I enjoy ✔️go for walks ✔️Take long hot baths ✔️Sit by the fire and read books


This post serves as a little reminder and glimpse inside the extremes of what YOU may not realize goes into that “fitness perfect” appearance. You see I was chasing it and allowing it to control me for so many years, afraid to truly be seen in all of my imperfect glory... until now. I’ve perpetuated it for myself and I own and regretfully accept my role in perpetuating it for others. But It ends NOW. I will continue to keep my promise and get even more real and even more authentic to allow myself to be seen as honestly as I can✌️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••• Be on the look out for some imperfectly perfect photos and videos that will be making their way on my website, my social media outlets and my new “Thrive” Fitness and Lifestyle Video Program that starts January 7th only. Check it out at fitlud.com

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