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The 3pm "Fatigue Plague"

Is this you at 3pm? Are you ready for a nap? Lets dive in to this commonly reported fatigue issue.

Ok so here are some of the most common reasons you may be experiencing fatigue:

1. Make sure you have had your hormones tested are not suffering from an undiagnosed thyroid or auto immune situation. (super common among women between 30-50)

2. Post-lunch hypoglycemia, which is related to your inability to effectively burn fat. This is usually the case. After training hundreds and hundreds of women this is usually the cuplrit 80% of the time. Most of think we make good choices at lunch but generally we under eat the right things and over eat the things we think are "healthy"

3. Could be an an underlying metabolic disorder such as pre-diabetes or insulin resistance, or even hypoglycemia. Again get a new physical and maybe from a new doctor:) I believe in more than one opinion when it comes to your health. You are your only health advocate!

4. Getting too little sleep or poor quality sleep on a regular basis.

5. Poor eating habits such as eating too many carbohydrates in any form...good or bad. Too much of anything is a bad thing..and yes this means things we associate as being healthy like fruit can be bad too!

6. High levels of stress.. A major culprit! See my last blog post on how to BUST stress before it Busts your waistline!

7. The wrong kind of exercise and too much or too little of it!

**Take away:

My FIT5 Guide "Phased" programs are designed to help regulate and balance your blood sugar all day long and my exercise programs are designed for those of us who aren't 20 anymore and need specific workouts in order to keep us strong, feeling good, injury free and LOOKING good!!

In Health and Fitness, JLud XOXOXOX

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