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It's Girl Scout Season..are you Ready?

🤔Ever wonder why you work so hard all week, logging hours at the gym, eating your healthy meals just to be derailed by the adorable little girls anxiously waiting as you enter Albertson's to buy groceries for your healthy dinner.

👉You try to avoid eye contact but they smile and you cave.

👉You end up buying not one box but five, and justify five boxes because of course your kids and husband and the neighbor may want some?

🤷‍♀️Sound Familiar?

👉Then all of a sudden you "deserve" a cookie🍪. Then you talk yourself into 3 and before you know it the box is empty? Then guilt, shame and cycle continues....

😳Did I get your attention?

Well I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

This week I give you straight talk on my weekly Friday morning LIVE video on Facebook and Instagram all about self sabotage and how to STOP the cycle once and for all. You can break the cycle and I can show you how. With real life applicable solutions.

Believe me I've been there after years and years of self sabotage I set myself free and I know you can too.

🔗You can click below to check it out before the girl scout cookie box is gone!

If Girl Scout Cookies aren't your thing (I'm truly sorry but I can't relate...Samoas to me are almost as heavenly as a slice of real New York Cheesecake)

Back to my point, leave a comment and tell me what your slice of heaven is?

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