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Recovery Exercise Anorexic

Sunday Funday for me

💪🏼 If interested you can check my IG story later today for the workout details
⚡️ • I’m feeling stronger and stronger every day and keep pushing myself to kick this ACL/Meniscus surgery to the curb for good! • My workouts are VERY different these days, but I’ve learned acceptance. I’ve learned a lot about what my body truly needs to stay strong. Through this process one of my many takeaways is that more is not always better and it is not always good for you. • Less can be more. I’m an overachiever and not always in a good way. I’m competitive to a fault. I push my limits on the reg and typically don’t give myself a lot of down time. All of that is changing through this injury and recovery. • From the start of this journey I promised pure transparency and vulnerability...and while its not always easy to speak your truth I’ve learned it’s powerful for my own healing and I’m hopeful it is for others. • There was a time not very long ago I was working out twice sometimes three times a day. I would get up and either run, sprint, road bike, mountain bike, row, hike or do track workouts. Then I would teach a fitness class and participate in most of it myself. Then I was off to go lift weights. And still I would go do a hot yoga class. Seriously... all in one day. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for me. I am a recovering exercise anorexic and recovering physique addict. It’s a struggle every day to pace myself. I struggle with the darkness of it and how easily I can fall prey to the ugly depths of it. I work daily on balancing it all through meditation and constant mindfulness. I’m a work in progress, but I do promise to continue to share my own personal struggles in the fitness industry as honestly as I can through my journey. I hope my message finds those of you that may need it and offer you some support through your own journey. • You can find more of my info and story on my website: www.fitlud.com and check the link in my bio for my blog. #workinprogress #recoveringexerciseaddict #recoveringphysiqueaddict#resetbutton #transparenttruth

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