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Recovering Physique Addict

2 Pictures 2 VERY Different stories

2 pictures: 2 VERY different stories: Striving in one. Accepting in the other. ••••••• A forced reset is not always something we receive. For me it was necessary because I couldn’t see past all the life I was missing chasing my self imposed ideals of what I AM supposed to be. Chasing an image Chasing a win Chasing a physique Chasing perfection All the while running from internal self doubt. Running from my fears Running from my own darkness Running from stillness Running from my truth Tomorrow is my knee surgery and an opportunity for my own personal reset button. Looking back on all the “fitness” all the races, all the competitions and training my knee carried me through; I am most grateful for the little things that really are the BIG things. My knees... Carried my daughter home from the hospital when she was born. Up the stairs when she was sick. And walked her into her first day of school. My knees... Walked me into the park where I met my husband. Down the aisle on our wedding day. Through Southeast Asia on our honeymoon. My knees... Walked me into A2O Fitness everyday where I was allowed to turn my passion for helping people into a business and my true life’s work. •••••• Forced or not I’m doing my best to embrace the change and I am ready to push the reset button. My hope is that by reading this post you may look closer and find you are in need of a reset too and I hope it doesn’t have to be forced. •••••• I plan on posting honestly and authentically about my journey through recovery over the next few months...again with hope that it may help others going through similar situations.

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