• JLud

Perspective is EVERYTHING

Three weeks have passed since my knee surgery and it continues to teach me lessons. My workouts are different but I’m getting them in so I can stay as strong as possible. My stitches are falling off, my incision site is healing, my body feels less pain and wants to be free of these crutches and walk. I keep complaining and pouting 📷😫 like a spoiled child about all the things I want to do and can’t. It’s like I’m on restriction for the summer and honestly I’ve thrown a few adult size tantrums that were not so pretty. I want my muscle back, my endurance, my mobility and flexibility. I want my BODY back dammit! Me. Me. Me. Want. Want.Want. Just like a two year old I want to literally throw myself on the floor and kick and scream. • But then...I get a request from a client who wants to work with me and came for help but it ended up that I needed her more than she needed me. Her story began with a debilitating intestinal disease while pregnant and ended with numerous other physical conditions that took her a decade to recover from and walk correctly again. She was THE most vibrant and positive person and she wasn’t having a pity party and certainly wasn’t complaining or throwing any childish tantrums. ••••• Perspective is everything. I somehow feel it comes from our need to self preserve. I’ve known self preservation in many forms throughout my own personal adversities and I got through a lot of them by shifting my perspective. A good reminder that I had to shift my perspective in order to preserve my own vibrancy📷✨and positivity to accept that I can only alter my mindset not my injury. Choosing to shift to a perspective of positivity is the only way we can preserve our own light 📷💛All of us will without a doubt face adversities that will be out of our control, but perspective is a choice that is completely within your control. If you choose wisely every adversity will come with a silver lining and you will find gratitude 📷🙏🏻 and acceptance rather than focusing on the negative and having adult size tantrums 📷🤦🏼‍♀️I’m shifting mine yet again, and choosing to find an abundance of silver linings! 📷⚡️📷⚡️📷⚡️📷⚡️📷⚡️📷⚡️📷⚡️📷⚡️📷⚡️📷⚡️