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My new every day is a big messy jumble of emotions.

Sitting on my porch with my husband is my every day ritual in nice weather even post surgery. An every day that is normal and grounding. I need it right now when my new every day is a roller coaster of emotions. Extreme highs and lows are now my daily norm. This is my new everyday ••••••••• As the days pass the pain in my leg is slowly subsiding and allowing me more freedom to move. However I continue to struggle with my crutches mostly because I am a complete klutz

🤦🏼‍♀️ This is my new PHYSICAL every day. My pace has shifted and daily tasks take more time but have become an opportunity to do them differently. With more awareness and mindfulness. My new emotional every day is in constant flux. ••••••• Most days I feel... Defeated•Exhausted.•Grief stricken•Guilty•Uncomfortable in my own skin•Out of shape•Worthless and at times like a blob of mass wasting away in my recliner. I feel like crying a lot and do often. I feel all of this and then it shifts....DRAMATICALLY •••••• And also most days I feel... Grateful•Lucky to have had some down time•Loved•Nurtured•Motivated •Grounded•Capable•Confidant. ••••••• Up and down and all around is my new EVERY day, yet every day is full of lessons. Everyday I get closer and closer to my true self. Everyday I navigate through the emotions and truly connect to myself and loved ones. I find peace and at other times turmoil. I find the dark, the light and the space in between. The shifting, the ebb and flow of this ever changing journey through injury is transformational. Maybe for some it wouldn't be, maybe for others like me it is EVERYTHING we have been waiting for and never knew it. This injury has become the passageway of acknowledging my own personal power and has allowed me to unleash my truth and have the courage to share it. My message today is to discover what will shift you, sit with it be with it, then allow it in completely and without fear so your transformation can unfold. You never know what you may find
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— in Hailey, Idaho.

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