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Is Fitness Healthy?

Fitness and health are not always synonymous. Ok maybe sometimes🤔but I am the perfect example of when they are not! ............................................ For years I exuded the appearance of health AND fitness. By the looks of me you would assume I was fit, strong, and healthy from the inside out right? Nope NOT the case. ....................................... In the spirit true vulnerability and my promise to keep sharing my authentic truth I wanted to post this today.

✔️What you see on the outside is not always reflection of what is on the inside.

✔️There was a time where "fitness" became isolated and dark, emotionally paralyzing, physically agonizing at times, and spiritually disastrous. Obsession consumed me and my striving for physical perfection became more important to me than my health.

I looked great to most but I was battling a serious case of body dysmorphia fueled by my own need to look the part at all costs. I was hiding the real internal struggles and suffering in silence. I was exhausted running on Starbucks Americano's and very little sleep from massive over training. I was constantly suffering from nagging injuries, my hormones were so imbalanced that I had amenorrhea for over 10 years. My thyroid was non existent I developed numerous auto immune diseases. My skin was scaly, dry and flaky and my hair and eyelashes were falling out and breaking off. Does that sound healthy to you?

Just remember next time you see a picture like the one above strutting around in a teeny tiny bikini spray tanned, sporting fake hair, covered in stage makeup half starved and over exercised it is NOT what it seems. This is not the picture of health.

Take a look at the happy girl hanging out with her handsome hubby on a boat in Thailand...that is the picture of TRUE health.✌️

I teach women who don't have the time or energy to waste on complicated and unrealistic fitness and nutrition programs to transform their bodies and increase their confidence by simplifying fitness and nutrition by showing them how to stop spending hours in the gym and start spending more hours living their best life.

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