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Is Fitness fast becoming a "BAD" word?

Is fitness a bad word? Has fitness taken on the association of striving and obsessing on our physical outward appearance? I believe it has. .

Are you abusing fitness or using it? .

There was a time where the term "fitness" was the epitome of health and wellness. I believe that it has taken a turn. Living in a culture obsessed with being fitness perfect we have began to use fitness as punishment when it was once a form of nurturing our bodies and treating them with kindness through movement. Have we spent so much time on our "try" to become fitness perfect that we forgot our "why"? .

Fitness in one tool in our toolbox of health and wellness. My logo for my business is a five pointed sand dollar for a number of reasons but mainly because it represent what I believe to be the five pillars of health.

✔️Nutrition ✔️Fitness ✔️Emotional well being ✔️Connection to community and relationships ✔️Purpose and spirituality

You see I spent years abusing fitness and striving for perfection. Punishing myself with extreme versions of movement to achieve a particular outward appearance. 🙅‍♀️

👉Fitness is meant to enhance our physical capabilities so we can live a life full of adventure and experiences not to exhaust us and leave us void of the energy we need to pursue our purpose. . ✔️Let's re learn to use fitness to nurture our bodies instead of using it to abuse them.✌️

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