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Peaks and Valley's and somewhere in between.

Hyndman Suffer FEST is today. It is a race I have done for the past few years. It is a race that is challenging beyond anything I have ever done. It pushes even professional athletes to their limit and is a true test of grit, determination, strength and endurance.

The 1st yr I raced it I had no idea how I would finish. I had ZERO expectations but I was beyond prepared physically, my training was on point, my head was in the game and I was ready to sprint, run, hike, climb and crawl up to the top of one of the highest peaks in Idaho. Over 12,000 ft of the most beautiful scenery you will ever experience. It's breath taking and the entire race is like something out of a movie. I placed 3rd. I was proud because I surrendered to the mountains and the process.

The 2nd yr I was determined to beat my time. I worked and trained harder than I ever have. I wanted a better finish. I raced that day and enjoyed every step, every rock, every boulder and every single moment.. I took it all in. I was fully present. The mountains peaks humble you, they give you a perspective shift even if you aren't looking for one. They are vast and seem never ending. At the top of the peak you truly feel on top of the world. I beat my time by 12 minutes that day. Again I surrendered to the mountains and the process.

Like any competitive athlete I was already putting together a training program on the way down the mountain on how I could improve my time for the race this year, where the mountain challenged me and how to overcome those in my training protocols. I retraced every step and every trail choice in my head and analyzed how how I could improve my time.

I am an athlete, but right now I am an injured athlete. As I sit here in my comfortable recliner icing my knee and dreaming of endless mountain peaks and the adrenaline rush of that incredible physical accomplishment I too am now surrendering to another process. One in which the lesson in surrendering to this new process of patience and acceptance is on the horizon instead of surrendering to those vast mountain peaks to conquer and summit.

I am allowing myself patience and grace and accepting my journey and the lessons that were meant for me. I am 100% surrendering to the way my new path will unfold.❤️

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