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Honor your Body

I can’t seem to control my excitement! I’m amazed at how our bodies can heal from traumatic physical experiences. In four weeks my knee healed after having a tendon surgically removed and repurposed, the meniscus completely re attached, drill holes in my bones and screws inserted to hold it all in place. •Our bodies are simply amazing

🙌 . My take away to share with you today is that we only get one of these miraculous bodies and our vessel is sacred. If you have been following me through my journey you know that I have over used, mis used and abused my vessel in the past. •I have starved it •I have deprived it of rest •I have abused it by over exercising to the point of injury •I convinced it that it was not good enough unless it was super lean and LOOKED like I was stage ready ALL the time. . NOT ANYMORE. . •Instead I’m honoring my body my only vessel. And honoring the joy in movement. •I’m honoring my body’s nutritional needs •I’m honoring moderation NOT deprivation •I’m honoring the signals of my body and allowing it the rest it needs •I’m honoring all of me and the beautiful imperfections of my physical self that make me who I am. •I choose to honor my vessel today and everyday. . How are you honoring your vessel today? Tell me I want to know! How are you honoring your vessel today? Tell me I want to know! If you want to join me for a new found way to honor your body through real life fitness and real life nutrition head over to my website: www.fitlud.com and learn how effective simplicity can be! •I’m offering everyone and anyone access to my FREE 5 Day Fitness Reset challenge that begins August 20th! You can sign up with no obligations right on my website! . •Join me and honor your body and your health! #mybodymyvessel #fitlud #therealjlud #honoryourbody

#mybodymyvessel #fitlud #myjourney #therealjlud #honoryourbody

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