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Are you living in exhaustion or exhilaration?

Are you living in exhaustion or exhilaration?

I just got back from the ski hill doing Chauffeur round #2 for the kids just after pick up earlier from volleyball. Chauffeuring began yesterday at 5 AM driving 2 hours for volleyball tournaments, then grocery shopping, then dropping off Lainee for sledding, then picking up Jake from a sleepover, then a quick fix dinner before picking up Lainee and then dropping her off at a sleepover before heading to a friends birthday party with Jake.

No I’m not telling you this because I want a gold star⭐️

You may be asking yourself why is Jen telling me this..?


👉The only reason I’m able to have the energy and enthusiasm to keep up with them is because I put myself first.

👉If I don’t put my health and fitness first I would NEVER have the energy to keep up with these 3 kids and truly connect with them they way the deserve. When you raise 2 pre teens and 1 teenager you must be on your “A” game all the time.

👉I show up for me so I can show up for them.

👉As women we constantly put everyone else first and ironically we think we’re doing them a favor

👉Nope we’ve got this backwards. Believe me you are doing everyone you love a disservice by not taking care of your health and fitness.

✔️They depend on you

✔️They need you

✔️They need you to be your healthiest self so that you can show up for them filled with energy and exhilaration instead of exhaustion and mental fatigue.

My weekend was busy but my point☝️ is that I did yoga. I went on walks (maybe they were between games but I did it). No it wasn’t perfect but I made sure I took care of myself.

👉If you’re tired of being stuck in a disconnected fog, tired of hitting the snooze button instead of the gym, tired of being on auto pilot, tired of being so exhausted that you continue to order pizza and grab a glass of wine for dinner, listen carefully... you are not alone.

There is a simple solution.

I know you may feel skeptical because you have “tried everything” but there is better and way. I’ve helped women for over 13 years lose weight and keep it off and reignite that exhilaration & energy✨for life and you can too.

Share with me here. Post and tell me how you need my

support. How can I help you get more exhilaration out of life and less exhaustion?

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