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Fall into the Flow of Fitness

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

If you are anything like me, you want results and you want them fast. I get it. Fitness is just like anything in our culture. We want it now. We want our Starbucks ready for us when we arrive with our name spelled correctly. We want our high-speed internet as fast as lightning and we also want to consume books so quickly that we turn up the speed settings on our audible.

Let’s face it, in our culture we have all but deleted the word “patience” from the dictionary (err…I mean google).

I do have some news that may cause a bit of resistance. For all of us high performing rock star women, we don’t always like to play the long game. I’m with you. The long game isn’t always easy...but it is the bet with the highest return. Don’t gamble with those fast fix programs. They make you miserable during the process with the uber intense fitness workouts, deprivation of all food that taste like anything other than bland sandpaper AND 90% of the time the weight you lose during the those forced programs of deprivation dieting comes back and then some!

Here’s the thing. It can be simple. You just have to be willing to play the long game so you can finally be rid of the yo-yo diet cycle once and for all.

You can’t microwave your fitness or changing the shape of your body. But you can win the war on your weight loss by focusing on the FLOW vs. the FORCE.

This Fall, I encourage you to do what I do, and how I NOW coach my clients. You see I spent years striving and forcing my fitness with megawatt intensity and it isn’t sustainable and certainly not maintainable or enjoyable.

What if you could enjoy every single workout? Yes, you can actually LOVE it all the time, look forward to it AND get the results you want.

I am going to give you a sneak peek into one of the methods that I use with my clients.

I ask my clients to create their ideal fitness container. A fitness container is your personal unique schedule that you create based on your lifestyle and the results you want. For some of my clients, based on their personal goals, we determine that they get to exercise for 60 minutes 3 times per week. Some get to exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week. This is your own unique and individual container based on your time schedule, your goals and your life.

Once the goal is determined and your fitness container is created, you get to commit to the days and times that you irrevocably show up for YOU no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT!

Give yourself space to be fluid and flow within that container. For example...If your container is Monday through Friday from 6 :00 am to 6:30 am, you allow yourself to tune into your body on that day and your body feels rested and energized. You get to do a HIIT workout or if your body is a bit drained then you decide to walk on the treadmill, or out in nature. Your fitness GETS to flow. Never force those crazy heavy weight days because you feel like you HAVE to in order to be your healthiest self. Sometimes your fitness needs to be simple, and movement is movement. It should re-energize you, make you feel happy and alive instead of drained and exhausted.

Start one step at a time. If you are new to exercise, I encourage you to walk outside during your fitness container or ride a stationary bike. Just start and commit.

Consistency is key.

You see, you are building your fitness mind muscle. Building the habit to support your goals is far more important than the mechanics of the goal. My programs teach the flow and never the force because the force is where the strive lives, and when you are constantly striving you are never thriving.

This Fall, I encourage you to flow with your fitness. Believe me if you let go of all the mechanisms out there and allow yourself some fluidity and grace your health, fitness and wellness will flow and will never feel forced again.

If you want to learn more about how I help my clients flow, check out my Freedom Body Project and break the vicious yo-yo cycle once and for all!

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