• JLud

Flipping fitness

I share a lot about fitness about nutrition and about health. But I filter the depth of who I truly am. I’m more than a self proclaimed “fitness guru”. . There was a time that’s all I was about because of my extreme obsession with fitness perfection. I lost my light and my ability to truly feel and experience joy. I was buried so deep in my obsession to be the fittest most perfect version of me I lost pieces of myself along the way. It dimmed my light, consumed my time, and ruined my health. . I promised more authentic truth this summer after a big perspective shift when I had knee surgery. I’m so grateful for the injury because it set me free again. Free of obsession and free to FEEL into the depths of who I really am... not just my body or my athletic ability. . I am a girl... ✔️Who lives for deep meaningful conversation

✔️Who is the biggest klutz you will ever meet ✔️Who loves horses and rode rodeo for years ✔️Who started my first non profit at 20 years old in NYC

✔️Who loves bluegrass and reggae equally

✔️Who can handle a backhoe and shoot just about any firearm with abnormally strange accuracy ✔️Who can’t tell a joke to save my life

✔️Who dances regularly with wild abandon ✔️Who started working at 13 years old and became an entrepreneur at 24

✔️Who is obsessed with wine and fine dining

✔️Who could spend hours on the couch with a good book and fire

✔️Who is an introvert and loves solitude

✔️Who meditates daily and howls regularly at the full moon ✔️Who followed Sublime around on tour for way too long ✔️Who has three tattoos one I got when I was 14 ✔️Who is obsessed with seagulls and sand dollars

✔️Who occasionally smokes a cigarette when gambling and drinking martini’s in Las Vegas🙀

✔️Who is always on time and gets anxiety about being late ✔️Who loves her teacup Yorkies 🐶🐶more than I ever imagined I could ✔️Who is Passionate about helping other women especially single moms ✔️Who loses her keys and sunglasses almost daily 👉And who is imperfectly perfect, multifaceted, eclectic, at times contradicting and always reinventing and rediscovering the depths of my true self NOW without the attachment and striving for fitness perfection ✌️

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