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Fitness saved me from playing small

It occurred to me that most of you may think that fitness has ALWAYS been my thing. Well I've got news for you... In 2006 soon after my daughter was born I decided I had to make a change. I was in a bad marriage, like really bad. I knew it but felt powerless in my situation. Do you know that feeling? The feeling that you are suffocating and canʼt find a way to take a breath? When I started my fitness journey this is exactly how I felt. An interesting thing happened, a miracle actually. As my physical strength increased, my confidence also increased and I began to take my power back. My life started to shift and change in beautiful ways and my commitment to showing up for my fitness gave me the confidence to show up for myself in EVERY aspect of my life. I took my power back and left that marriage with a baby on my hip. A marriage that would have continued to dim my light and hold me back from fully living my purpose. 

I believe in miraculous transformations, and that it's possible for women to achieve their highest purpose and empower themselves through the confidence that comes from transforming their bodies and their strength through fitness. And it is possible without starvation, complicated diets and crazy gimmicks and without spending endless hours in the gym agonizing over WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

If you can relate and you are ready to begin experiencing your own miracles and living your purpose through the confidence you build in transforming your body and your fitness I am extending an invitation to you to join me in my FREE 5 day Fitness Reset Challenge and giving yourself the opportunity for growth and change. I challenge you to show up for yourself and I promise you will show up for life in bigger ways that you ever imagined.


All Photos by Greg Simms

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