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Did you reach your Decade goals?

Did you know that Thanksgiving is 6 weeks away and Christmas is just 10 weeks away? I can hardly believe that we only have 3 months left in this DECADE.

My point is that time flies, and life is happening NOW.

So how did you show up in 2019? Did you reach your goals? Did you approach your health and wellness goals with an infinite mindset or a finite one?

Infinite mindsets creating a framework where there is no end. We get to continue to build upon healthy habits, new strategies to eat better, drink more water, sleep more and practice self care. If you stay in the infinite mindset space you never have the let down of not achieving that SET number on the scale, instead you get to see that what you created was a better future you. You created better routines, better habits and are so much healthier now even if the number on the scale you set to achieve didn’t show up in the time you expected.

What if you set your intention on the journey NOT the end. What is the means was just as important as the end?

How can you acknowledge your effort vs the outcome?

How can you shift to an infinite mindset?

How can you create healthy habits that build on each other to allow for a less complicated journey?

How can you shift out of the achievement conversation and into the effort?

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