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Cheerleading your way to fitness!

For six weeks I have been recovering from major knee surgery. •A push in the right direction and a cheerleader is sometimes all we need. Someone that can see your power and strength even when you may be stuck in your own self doubt. •Cheerleaders come in many forms.

Jesse my PT told me it was “walking day”. I was afraid. He simply said, “You can do it you will be ok. “ Two minutes later I was walking with the help of crutches, but none the less I was walking AND crying my eyes out. Deep down I knew I could. I knew I’d heal from these physical wounds. Logically my mind knows I’m capable and strong but some of those old my self limiting beliefs started creeping in even though should know my capabilities. . I’ve had MANY cheerleaders in my corner, holding my hand, encouraging me with their words and sometimes their silence. . My point is that in this digital world we are very desensitized to the power of human connection. It can empower us beyond measure. It is necessary and integral in our spiritual growth and uncovering our full potential. It is the human experience. . This applies to your health and fitness as well. Hence this picture by my friend @gm_cafiero who captured a moment of pure bliss and human connection. This is me in my element. Training, empowering and motivating others just as they in turn did the same for me. It’s connection. . My approach to creating my new online fitness program encompasses this perspective. We connect with each other through fitness and we hold each other accountable. I have created a simple yet effective framework on how to live the healthies most fit life you can with a supportive community who will be your biggest cheerleaders. We need each other and we need connection. . We all face challenges that seem monumental but they can become more attainable with the knowledge that someone has your back. Don't be afraid to encourage, reach out, connect and support eachother. I created an online FREE FB group where we do just that. Join today and allow yourself the power of connection

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Photo by Gina Cafiero

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