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Cellulite: We ALL have it and if someone says they don't they ARE lying!

Cellulite: We all have it. YES we do. 90% of post-pubescent women have it. You heard me correctly 90%.. me included. So what do we do about it? Well I am not here to tell you I can give you a potion, cream or solution to get rid of it, but I will share with you how to reduce the appearance of it, which I do know a thing or two about since I spent my career competing on numerous fitness stages in a G-String. Believe me you figure things out quickly when faced with the harsh stage lights and thousands of people staring at your backside!

Yep that's me flinging and flipping my hair trying really hard not to fall down in those shoes. Ok but here is the REAL low down on this picture:

1. I ate nothing but chicken, egg whites and asparagus for weeks. I smelled awful ask my husband!

2. I drank very little water the day of competition or the day before to make sure my skin was as tight and paper thin as possible (it is a science and I believe me I had it DIALED) I was thirsty...to say the very least and my potassium and sodium levels were dangerously manipulated.

3. I strategically ate only perfectly measured food that I would literally weigh on a scale that I carried everywhere with me (this is one reason why in my recipes you will notice I never measure) in order to achieve this look.

4. My workouts were insane, I mean INSANE. I never socialized because I was obsessed...to the degree that it affected all of my relationships.

5. My body looked great...if I do say so myself! However in that moment I was so consumed by my appearance all I saw were my flaws. I saw many many flaws and I was judged only on my body for those ten minutes.

My point is that I still had a bit of cellulite but the crazy ridiculous oompa loompa orange tan hides most of it and take note that I went to EXTREME measures, unhealthy measures that took me to deep dark places where all of my eating disorders lived. And it was all for ten minutes of stage time.


When I woke up the next morning I looked nothing like this picture...NOTHING and my normal cellulite was back. And so we are clear, I NEVER look like this EVER...except for those ten minutes on stage.

You cannot get rid of cellulite completely but in this video I explain how to reduce it now and for the long game.

Watch it believe me it's worth it!

BTW, this is my experience with competing and good for those of you who can balance it all in a healthy way, but I am hard pressed to believe you. For what it's worth you are all entitled to your own truth.

I know not everyone will like my STAND on these issues, but again this is my experience and my truth and I STAND tall and PROUD of my personal journey, the good, the bad and the VERY VERY dark and ugly.

Peace out,


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