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Bust Stress Before it Busts your Waistline!

Rituals for stress reduction. Since I explored some of the ways stress can sabotage your weight loss on my FriYAY live video this morning in my Facebook Group "Fit in 5 Tribe" I thought I’d share a few rituals that I have developed over the last few years to help me SLOW down and allow my adrenals to get some reprieve. If we constantly live in a FLIGHT or FIGHT state we are flooding our system with cortisol. This hormone can wreck havoc on our weight loss goals and cause us to hold on to stubborn belly fat. This vicious cycle can sabotage your health and may prevent you from maintaining a healthy weight.

I have learned to implement a few short rituals twice a day that can bring more calm energy into your space and can bring you a moment or two of reprieve. This can and will lead to improved sleep, more mindfulness, relaxation and a deeper connection to what you prioritize throughout your day and eventually your life. For me rituals are grounding and help keep me centered and connected. It may sound silly to some but I promise it will start to shift things for you and bring you back to a calm sense of self. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be formal meditation if that’s not your thing...meditation can be interpreted differently by everyone. For me meditation is connection to myself and tuning out the external noise.


Some of them. They shift and change but these are the ones that seem to help my stress levels the most.

  • Every morning before I do anything else I tune in and either close my eyes and visualize how I want to show up for my day. OR I sit in meditation and allow myself to simply breathe. I repeat inhale...exhale to myself for at five minutes. You will be surprised at how much mindfulness this can bring to your day.

  • I move. EVERYDAY. 90% of the time I do something before I get caught up in the busy to do lists of my day. This can even mean jumping jacks in my living room. A simple 5 minute yoga flow. Or a walk in the fresh air. I do something. It gives me extra energy and more mental clarity.

  • I eat sitting down without devices with my family for at least one meal a day and it is usually dinner. I chew slowly and savor every bite. I engage in meaningful conversation with loved ones. This slows me down and creates a calm space for the evening and for easier relaxation

  • I take magnesium at around 8am (helps control elevated cortisol levels and relaxes the nervous system) and ashwagandha an herbal adaptogen proven to reduce stress. I take more magnesium before bed.

  • I get outside everyday and enjoy nature even if it's just for a few moments. Being outside in nature is also proven to dramatically reduce cortisol levels. This does not mean a vigorous cardio intense session, this means a relaxing walk or stroll, or even a casual cruiser bike ride.

Your rituals may be different. You may already have some in place, but my point

is that we all need a calm space to retreat to. In our anxiety ridden, fast paced over achieving society we MUST create space and time to re connect.

When you invite more nature into your life you also invite more peace. PC: Greg Sims Photography

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