The FitMind 


End the battle of weight loss for life.

End the vicious yo yo diet cycle once and for all while creating freedom from the shame, guilt, and hopelessness that happens when you are living in a body that keeps you powerless.



Are you DONE going to war with your weight loss goals?  Are you sick and tired of losing and gaining the same 10, 20, 30 or even 40 lbs year after year and feel like you have tried everything?  Leaving you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, hopeless and down right disgusted? 

Are you ashamed of your relationship with food? 


Do you hide from intimacy with your partner because you are embarrassed about how your body looks? 


Do you feel like your inner self is out of alignment with your inner self? 


Is your body taking your power?


I believe we create an authentic empowered life only when our internal self is aligned and matches our external self. 


I am here to tell you that there is hope.


I have heard this over and over from over 1,000 clients that I have trained and coached in the last 13 years that I have been a fitness and weight loss coach. I am here to tell you that there is a real life, simple, solution for maintainable weight loss for life. 


I am about to tell you about my unique tried and true method The Freedom Body Project.

3 C's To Freedom!

Community + Commitment + Congruency = FREEDOM

My FitMIND Method will finally free you from the chains of yo-yo dieting so you can live your most authentic, joyful, connected and purpose driven life without the distractions and obsessions of dieting, food, and exercise that have power over you.

It's the method that helped Gloria release 30 pounds after a lifetime of hiding in her weight and finally address the underlying issues causing the yo-yo diet hell.


It's the method that allowed Kathy to finally and confidently wear shorts in public for the first time in over 20 years. And her husband got to put his hand on her knee at the concert she went to wearing a mini skirt!


It's the method that allowed Molly a busy working mom of two to get her power back and release over 30 lbs and re enter her new career strong, healthy and confident. 


These women are just like you. The only key difference is that they took action, understood their value and that they were worth feeling aligned, confident and joyful. They got the support of community, accountability and my tried and true method for success that creates the lasting results they were looking for.


You can too….

This is how Gloria, Kathy and Molly and so many more were feeling before The FitMind Method…maybe you can relate?

  • You feel rundown, tired and quite literally overwhelmed. You have spent the majority of your adult life (maybe longer) thinking, obsessing and controlling your food consumed with your body and your weight. Not feeling in alignment with your truth your own authenticity. You don’t feel good enough and feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It feels like it takes over your life and steals your joy.

  • You’ve lost the weight before maybe you keep losing and gaining that same 20 lbs. over and over again and you are so frustrated you could throw the scale out the window!  Weight watchers, calorie counting and every other “diet” leaves you unsatisfied and feeling deprived so you self sabotage.  One cookie turns into 10 then you are right back on the vicious cycle once again spinning out of control while it destroys your confidence and robs you of progress.

  • You’ve been desperate so you juice cleanse, grapefruit diet, celery diet, and maybe even diet pills to help you get a result fast all while internally suffering silently through it all. 

  • You avoid going out because you hate that your clothes don’t fit you.

  • You are you embarrassed of how you look. You avoid the camera, dates and even sex because you are not confident in your own body. 

  • You don’t participate with your kids at their actives because you are tired and can’t fully experience the moments with them because your weight and energy is stopping you, so you stay on the sidelines instead of getting in the game of life.

  • The scale dictates if its a good day or a bad day and as soon as you step on it each morning it qualifies your worthiness

  • You feel ashamed and hopeless and feel like there is no way out. 

The thing about the weight loss WAR is that it can overwhelming.

I’M HERE TO TELL YOU THAT you no longer have to feel hopeless and overwhelmed. 


There is a solution that will free you of the chains of yo yo dieting for life. 


There is nothing wrong with you.  This is not an integrity issue. Your will power and motivation has nothing to do with your success. 

We don’t need more education on what how and when to eat. We need community and a mindset framework that creates results for life.  A real life method that will give you the results you want now and for life. It’s all about creating  the right structure with consistent support and accountability.


You get to win the weight loss war for life. The battle getting there doesn’t have to be brutal and intense it can be won with consistent effort and the right strategy for you so you feel great, look great and get to feel confident and free so you can get your power back and stop giving it away to the scale.


You GET to step into your authentic power, joy, vibrancy and your true purpose driven life free of the distractions of food.


You GET to be your best and you deserve it. 

Are You Ready to Finally break free of the vicious yo yo diet for life so you can live confidently and at peace with your body?

  • Access your inner confident self and those skinny jeans with joy instead of dread. 

  • End emotional eating + binge eating and access your freedom to success…my method restructures your relationship with food.  

  • Learn how to enjoy social events, dinners, happy hours with ease and excitement vs. dread and anxiety.

  • The accountability, constant support, and your actionable commitment to the strategies not just for a week, month (or even a year) but for LIFE.



Actually it is what you NEED. Health is a non negotiable and YOU are worthy of physical and emotional health. 

ARE YOU READY to end the yo yo cycle for life and finally reach your WEIGHT LOSS goal?

My FitMIND Method is designed with the ACCOUNTABILITY, framework and the code to success that you need to create weight loss for life.  

If that sounds like EXACTLY what you want and NEED THEN I INVITE YOU TO APPLY FOR A SPOT Today!.


My FitMind Method to freedom for life:

  1. The FitMind Method: My solution to unraveling the underlying thoughts and feelings that have you stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food. This method transforms the powerlessness into empowerment with your food choices

  2. Access to our team of experts that includes our Doctor of Phychology Dr. Lisa Day for bonus video trainings as well as optional coaching sessions (Included in our VIP Package) This comprehensive program is all you need for lifelong success. 


But this is not a fast fix, weight loss, lifestyle and mindset shifts take time, repetition and consistency all with the accountability of a coach that has the knowledge and passion to support you through your breakdowns so you can have the ultimate breakthrough.


I bring my 13 years of experience coaching women just like you, combined with a real life approach to lifelong weight loss AND we get to slay your dragons with my secret sauce for lasting results. 


"Slaying your Dragons" is the term I use with my clients when we dive deep to understand the limiting beliefs, feelings, and emotions that are keeping you from your weight loss goal.


The FitMind Method is designed to get you there and KEEP you there for life with ease and and flow instead of rigidity and restriction. 


Once you graduate from the program you will have lost the weight and unraveled those limiting beliefs once and for all. 

If you are looking for a fast fix that’s not my jam. I guarantee you that those fast fixes can be found on any social media news feed and guess what? The weight always comes back. To solve this once and for all you need a tried and true method for success.


This is for you if you are ready to fully step into transforming your life, your health and your body for life.

This kind of change takes time.  That’s why my program is designed for 10 months. You GET all components for 12 months. That’s the perfect amount of time to create consistent habit change for life so you can do be free of the weight forever and integrate this into your life.

The FitMind Method has been designed to support you for the long game, this is no quick fix.


If you are ready for lasting results and to finally be free of the yo yo diet exhaustion this is a real life solution to the results you crave.


In every Monthly Module you receive :

 The FitMind Method complete with handouts and Video Lessons. We dive deep into unraveling the yo yo diet cycle, emotional pain, trauma and anxiety in order to create lasting freedom from the self limiting beliefs through my unique method that I myself have used as well as with all of my clients. 

Group Q+A Call Every Month

Think of this as live office hours to address current breakdowns so you can create massive breakthroughs. You are welcome to ask anything and we focus on what you need from me as your coach. And we make sure you’re never behind.


Private Facebook Group
Wether you love it or hate it this platform serves as a community to serve you and nurture you as you shift and transform. Having a community to support you and share your struggles and success with in real time is nothing short of miraculous!  Plus, I hang out there every day!! So you get direct access to me every step pf the way!

BONUS Expert Q+A ZOOM Live Call Every quarter with our Team psychologist and/or Team Registered Nurse.

Think of this as live and interactive educational webinars that address all of your questions and concerns.  You are welcome to ask the experts anything within their scope of knowledge. And we make sure you receive all the support you need to start and FINISH the program in excellence.  




I am irrevocably committed to your success every step of the way. 


We can’t lone wolf it and expect results, we are social beings and need each other. 

Connection is Key

This private members only exclusive + nurturing group that irrevocably commit to creating transformation in their health, bodies and lives. We lift each other up with supportive encouragement and when the struggle gets real you can count on your community, me and our team of experts to be there for you every step of the way.  You do not have to do it alone. You GET to be part of a connected supportive community. 

This is your chance to apply for YOUR spot!

What’s Holding You Back? 


I may have some ideas…lets dive in..…

You are worried about failing again…

You are worried about giving things up…

You are worried it might be overwhelming and confusing...

You are worried you are too busy…

You are worried you don’t have the money…


WHEN YOU ENROLL in The FitMind Method you invest in yourself…and guess what YOU are worth it!

  • No more shame, guilt or feeling like a failure.

  • You get to be authentically in your power

  • End the intensity of rigid exercise and restrictive nutrition

  • Say goodbye to the self-sabotage and hello to authentic self love

  • Get your sparkle back. Feel better. Look better. Gain strength and confidence.

  • Unravel the old stories and step into your transformed version of yourself.


Non-stop, accountability and support for 12 months.



But wait there is more!  



  • Do you want to join me and our team along with other likeminded community driven women in a supportive intimate setting at our health, wellness , mindset and weight loss retreat this summer? 


  • This unforgettable, life changing adventure for 3 says and four nights will inspire you, uplift you and challenge you to be your best you.  Daily meditations, workouts and yoga will be balanced with some of life's great pleasures, because enjoying the best things in life is a key ingredient to achieving your goals.


  • Learn all of my healthy tips and tricks for cooking my healthy low carb meals, my favorite ways to stay fit and keep my mind and body healthy from the inside out. This beautiful getaway will change your life forever and you will leave refreshed, calm and with a tribe of women that you will be forever connected with. 


  • Our VIP Upgrade package includes this getaway in a luxury private retreat with all meals and accommodations included. You will need to provide airfare to one of two destinations that will be announced in early Spring. You will be traveling to the Oregon Coast or a beautiful Idaho Mountain retreat.  

The VIP Package includes:

*My FitFlow Method: My solution to the rigidity and intensity of conventional exercise methods and instead offering a fresh perspective on effective movement that feels good and creates consistency for lifelong fitness and strength. 


  • Full retreat accommodation

  • 4 private one one one coaching calls with me 

  • 1 private coaching call with Dr. Lisa Day

This VIP Package alone is valued at over $9500!

And guess what for a limited time only we will finance your VIP package!  Your VIP Freedom Body Project is available to you right now all you have to do is email me directly to reserve your VIP Spot. We will only be allowing a very small group of women into the VIP Program so inquire about more details and to reserve your spot.

Email me at



Opportunity to enroll in The FitMind Method is open!


You’re invited to enroll today!