Freedom Body Project Summit

Jamie Schaible





Day 3

Free Yourself from the Weight with the Human Experience

Lean how to overcome the shame and guilt you may be feeling when in comparison to others and how to ignite your own weight loss journey through internal evaluation and protools that are unique for your own individual energy system.

Jaime Schaible

Jamie has 20+ years of experience in hospitality and luxury lifestyle industries. She’s an entrepreneurial spirit that drives revenues using both out of the box thinking and strategic planning. Leading with mindfulness business practices she cultivates brand awareness as well as client & employee loyalty. She graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in International Business and is certified health, life and business coach. In her tool box is the Human Design system which she uses both personally and professionally to assist with awaking to and walking one’s authentic path. Off grid she climbs mountains, crosses deserts (and seas) to attend ceremonies with Shamans. She loves hiking, yoga and meditation as much if not more than the gym. The thing most don’t know or wouldn’t is that she has fought demons of perfection and works daily to make sure they don’t return. 

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