Freedom Body Project Summit

Julia Bruck





Day 2

Your Health is Your Greatest Business Asset

Learn the secret to transforming your body and mindset even through chronic pain and injury so you can create the life and business you want.

Julia Bruck

Julia is known for delivering the goods. As personable as she is charismatic, Julia's passion for storytelling and business acumen has helped grow national brands across the country.   


Julia is no stranger to the bright lights or a microphone. Armed with an Emmy award-winning, TV journalist background, Julia brings a business and marketing mindset to every project. 


For years, Julia has built a career of telling stories of presidents, governors, musicians, community members and national brands such as Chevy, Shell Oil, Extra, and the Country Music Association. 

No matter the platform, Julia knows how to develop relationships and partnerships to craft the best story and make it stick.  


Julia is known for building brands through video and spoken word. She coaches entrepreneurs and business leaders on how to use live video to create a tribe of deeply engaged buyers. 


At her heart, Julia is a connector. People inspire her every day. So much so, often, you will find her chatting with a stranger just to learn a little more about their world and what makes them smile.  



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