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Joann Filomena





Day 2

Weight Loss Begins When You Lose the Self-deprecation

Learn Joann’s secrets to overcoming her food obsession even through pain staking grief and how you get to shift out of the excuses and into a new possibility.

Joann Filomena

Professionally Certified Life Coach and Weight Loss Coach, Joann Filomena speaks widow to widow having walked this path herself after the sudden loss of her husband. A California girl turned New Yorker, she is the producer and host of “Widow Cast” and “Weight Coach” podcasts with listeners spanning the globe. She is the bestselling author of the book Widowed and The Widow Coach.


Joann uses her life experience and coaching skills to help numerous clients through widowhood, weight loss, and many other life issues that arise in those sessions with incredible authenticity and compassion.


As a Life Coach, she has seen profound, seemingly impossible transformations in clients: The new widow who felt all her life plans pulled out from under her on the death of her husband, now moving ahead in her life with direction and purpose. Widows who feared they could not live alone finding how much they can savor and thrive in their very own space. The widow who could not even get out of bed most mornings now looks forward to each new day. Joann constantly reminds us all that we can move forward after loss into tremendous personal growth, even as we carry those we’ve lost in our hearts.


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